AP2155 Adhesion Promoter / Anti-static / Cleaner for Plastic Substrates

AP2155 is an adhesion promoter, anti-static and cleaner for use with UV and LED curable inks when printing on plastic substrates; Coroplast, PVC and HDPE. AP2155 also eliminated finger prints from the printed surface area.

Application Instructions for UV and LED Curable Inks:

  1. Wear protective gear including Latex or Nitrile gloves and safety glasses.
  2. Use in a well ventilated area.
  3. Transfer AP2155 to a spray bottle.
  4. Transfer AP2155 onto the substrate and wipe off with a white lint free wipe or microfiber cloth (the substrate will feel slippery).
  5. Load the AP2155 prepared substrate into the printer and print image using UV or LED curable ink.

Want to see the MSDS sheet for this product? Click HERE to view the MSDS sheet.

SKU: UVAP-2155