Tabletop flame pretreatment unit designed for rapid application of flame and Pyrosil to drinkware and other cylindrical or tapered objects. The electromechanical carousel does not require compressed air, making the unit a portable and small footprint machine for tight manufacturing environments.

Key Features:

  • Multi station Pyrosil/flame treatment
  • Pyrosil saving features
  • Auto blank detection
  • Quick changeovers & Setup
  • Increases Productivity

With 4 stations, each are adjustable to account for varying substrate sizes and shapes. The Pyrobond 4 is versatile in the range of products it can treat. The burner manifold is easily adjustable to match the curvature of tapered objects as well, resulting in an even application of both flame and Pyrosil. Three independently controlled burners adjust to accommodate short, medium and tall substrates to prevent waste.

The unit comes standard with a stainless steel shell and a stainless steel table included. With stainless steel construction, the Pyrobond 4 is easy to maintain and keep a clean working environment. The table puts the unit at an ideal working height of 40″ for continuous operation. The shelf on the table provides easy access to the Propane and Pyrosil canisters well as self-containment.

Editable Parameters:

  • Table rotation rate: Controls the flow of parts per hour
  • Substrate rotation rate during flaming: Results in even application of flame and Pyrosil
  • Number of cup rotations during flaming: Maintains the correct application of Pyrosil
  • Number of heads to burn during flaming: Only the area needing treatment is flamed
  • Angle of burners: Accounts for angle of tapered substrates

Pyrosil Conserving Features:

  • Pilot runs off a separate propane line
  • Burners using Pyrosil are only on when a cup is in place and turning
  • Unit can be set up to run flame only, without Pyrosil, with a flip of a switch
  • Next cup sensing: If the next object in sequence to pretreat is not present, the station will be skipping and the carousel will continue to rotate until it sees a substrate to flame.

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