This Subzero 170 Cassette H is suitable for Inktec Jetrix 2030FRK printers. This is the original Inktec part.

Powerful UV Output

The SubZero 170 deliver a 16% increase in UV output. With a 170mm cure length the new lamp units deliver 230% more UV energy than the existing SubZero 085 while maintaining the small footprint required for easy integration. The 170 can also be supplied complete with the proven SubZero integral high-speed electronic shutter. This system features a programmed electronic actuation ensuring a fast cycle time (80ms) with inertia-less braking, enabling the shutter to be closed or opened during the print cycle without transmitting vibration to the print engine. Detailed research and lengthy cycle testing has enabled a design that offers exceptional service life eliminating unnecessary downtime and maintenance.

Subzero 170

Power: 100 W/cm variable

Arc length: 170mm

SubZero Standard Features:

Ultra light weight with compact ‘footprint’

High intensity reflector system

Replaceable quartz front plate

Quick change lamp cassette

Advanced halide bulb technology

Integrated air-cooling

Switch-mode electronic power supply

Hi-flex plug and socket cabling connections

Additional SubZero Options

High Speed Electronic Shutter

Alternative bulb spectra ‘H’,’D’,’V’ or ‘A’

Enhanced optics

SubZero Compliances (Pending)

ISO CE 60950-1

(UL CUL CB 60950-1)

CE EN 60204

EMC EN 55015

EMC EN 61000

Power Supply

Switch-mode Electronic

200 – 250V 50 – 60Hz

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