This original manufactured subzero 055 bulb kit A is suitable for Mimaki JF and Gerber Solara printers. This is the original bulb contained in the cassette (number E300523 / SPC-0498). There is a product warranty of one year or 500 hours of operation with this UV lamp. Note that this bulb is also available in a cassette for ease of installation or as a single bulb (part number PLAGESO01).

Designed specifically for inkjet curing applications, the world leading miniature SubZero UV curing system is specifically designed for moving head inkjet printers, the shutter allows the UV exposure to be closed off as the lamp unit moves the media, greatly reducing the risk of reflected UV light causing damage to the expensive printheads.

Detailed research and lengthy cycle testing has enabled a design which offers exceptional service life, eliminating unnecessary downtime and the replacement of worn components. With an arc length of 55mm (2.2ins) and power of 100 W/cm2, the SubZero 055 system is ideally suited to medium sized printer applications using 20mm inkjet head. This advanced lamp system represents the most effective, lightweight, high output, miniature UV emitter on the market today.

SubZero Standard Features

  • Ultra compact “footprint”
  • Ultra light weight
  • High intensity reflector system
  • Quartz Filter
  • Quick change Cassette
  • Rapid Warm up and Cool down
  • Integrated air-cooling
  • High Flex cable up to 15m
  • One Year Warranty

SubZero 055 / 085 Compliances

CE/UL 60950-1

ISO CE CB EN60950-1

CE EN 60204

EMC EN 55015

EMC EN 61000

Switch-mode Electronic Power Supply

SubZero 055 204 – 230V 50 / 60Hz


Arc length: 5.4cm

Total length: 10.4cm

SKU: 400177