Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3): Only A105639

Upgraded color representation with excellent color reproducibility

Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3) color-management software enable users to reproduce equivalent colors when printing on different types of media with the same printer unit or when printing with different printer models and inks, without the need for any special knowledge.

Advanced device profile creation capability:
Improving color representation of the print

- MPM allows creating a device profile*1 that is compatible with each type of medium or ink without difficulty. Such customized profiles utilize the characteristics of media or inks and provide the best print results satisfying clients' needs.

- MPM3 can create profiles that accommodate "Mimaki Expand Color," a new input profile implemented since RasterLink6, and deliver upgraded color reproducibility with clear and high-contrast color shades.
*1: An output profile used for Mimaki RIP software, RasterLink series.

Emulation: Delivering accurate color matching

- The new emulation capability of MPM3 reproduces colors equivalent to the ones that are produced by different printer models, including those from other manufactures. This capability eliminates the color-matching issues that occur when replacing or adding printers.

- The useful equalization capability of MPM2 is also included in MPM3 to moderate the color differences among multiple printers. This capability allows the same image to be printed with multiple printers simultaneously, thereby enabling large-lot orders to be completed in a short time or undertaking urgent orders.

Calibration: Maintaining print color

- Print color quality is constantly maintained by measuring color differences with a colorimeter. The detected color differences are easily corrected to the specified values.
*2: Delta E (ΔE) values are used for describing color difference.

SKU: SPM-007