Mimaki’s PR-100 inkjet primer can be automatically applied through the inkjet system as opposed to previous manual application methods. This primer improves adhesion and allows the use of materials that are not necessarily optimized for inkjet production without affecting the look and feel of the substrates.

Inline application allows for improved registration and faster production times. Spot priming only the areas of the substrate that will be accepting ink means less primer ink must be utilized, keeping costs in line while ensuring the utmost in quality.

***PR-100 Primer is available in two sizes. 220ml cartridge and 600ml ink pack. The 600ml ink pack requires an eco-case for proper use.***

Supported Machine Models:

  •  JFX-1615plus
  •  JFX-1631plus
  •  UJF-3042FX
  •  UJF-3042HG
  •  UJF-6042
  •  UJF-A3FX
  •  UJF-A3HG

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SKU: SPC-0732