Direct-to-garment foil 12.5 in. x 50 ft. roll size. 

Instructions for Foil Printing using a Direct-to-Garment Printer

Produce high quality results using our recommendations and foil printing methods outlined below.


The right graphic is needed for clear crisp images, one color line art is recommended. The graphic is being covered with foil, so subtle shading and color changes may be covered. It is recommended to use art that matches the color of the foil being used.

The Garment

The garment will have to be pre-treated. The garment must be completely dry. Heat press prior to printing until all traces of steam from the garment are gone.

Printing on the Garment

Our foils will work on screen printed shirts and digitally printed shirts.

Tips for Digitally Printed Garments

  • Do not use too much white ink.  Turn the white down to the lowest settings that will give you 100% coverage in white.
  • Turn your colors up to the max setting that won’t puddle or bleed during the printing process.

Applying the Foil to the Printed Garment

  1. Apply foil to the printed graphic right away.
  2. In order to insure consistent, even pressure make sure you are NOT pressing the collar or sleeve seams.
  3. You can get different foil effects with different heat press pressures. The standard is a consistent medium pressure at 340° for 90 seconds. For 100% coverage, heavier pressure may be needed.
  4. For digitally printed t-shirts, print a light white undercoat followed by a solid single color base. Monochromatic graphics produce the best results.
  5. Peel off. A warm peel can occasionally leave foil debris. A cool peel, which consists of leaving the foil to set for 45 seconds to 1 minute, will produce a clean peel.

Different printers and different pre treats may take a little experimentation to come up with the desired results.

Care Instructions

Wash garment inside out, hang to dry, and use caution to prevent ironing over the foiled area.

SKU: TF-101