The UJF-7151 plus improves accuracy by modifying the mechanical structure of the print table to offer high-performance printing. This accuracy is required if overprinting on preprinted surfaces is needed to ensure that fine lines, edges, and small letters or text elements are cleanly reproduced, this also makes color printing on a white base layer possible.

The patented MFD1 dithering technology processes image data so that the original image quality is retained. A significant improvement in quality-control using MAPS4 reduces banding and uneven color printing at a maximum printing speed of 3.3 m²/hr. By reaching approximately twice the speed of previous models, the UJF-7151 achieves approximately 2.6 times the productivity of competing printers in its class

The new printhead comprises a continuous ink circulation system to help prevent ink sedimentation and clogged nozzles. When nozzles are clogged, the nozzle check unit (NCU) automatically detects and cleans the clogged nozzles. The UJF-7151 employs a nozzle recovery system (NRS), ensuring that only good nozzles are used as substitutes if clogged nozzles are not recovered after cleaning. These functions maintain constant printing and reduce waste printing due to defective nozzles.

The mechanical structure of the unit is configured for high-precision printing which, unlike conventional models, has a print tablet hat moves during the print cycle for reducing printer vibration. Two balls crews installed on both sides of the table facilitate this movement.


Equipment Capabilities: